Thursday, August 11, 2011

So The Bathroom Flooded The Other Day......

The bathroom flooded here at the Stern residence day before yesterday and it's a bit of a mess around here. I do have to say we're so very lucky it wasn't worse. Most of the water went straight down into the garage. We called the insurance and they brought in a wonderful crew to clean up the mess and replace all the damaged drywall and vanities in the bathrooms, which also got soaked. The hardest thing about all this is that my husband and I realized that our beautiful bathrooms we remodeled ourselves are going to get all torn up again. If we had hired people to remodel the bathrooms I don't think I'd feel so bad, but it was 2 months of hard work to make them beautiful and we only did it 2 1/2 years ago, so it still seems very new to us. Dave and I ended up getting a bit nostalgic over the whole thing and I decided to go through some pics of the remodeling and thought I'd share.

 It's hard to tell from these pics, but it's a Jack and Jill bathroom. I'm standing in the doorway that separates the two rooms. Very odd set-up in my opinion, but we do technically have 2 bathrooms, so I don't complain. Out townhouse was built in the 1970's and had never been updated until we bought it 7 years ago. Although they were far from glamorous, they looked nice enough and we really had no intention of redoing them at all, until we had plumbing that needed fixing and we were forced into it. We had a 4,000 budget, which was very puny for 2 bathrooms, so we knew we were going to have to get our hands dirty. I called my lifelong BFF Veronica and begged to borrow her husband for a weekend to help us get started (he worked in construction for several years). They both agreed and we flew him out a few weeks later to start.
A couple of days before he got into LA, we started tearing the old bathroom out. Wow is that a cheesy pic of us or what?

The kids especially enjoyed tearing out the tile that was under the existing floor. They were so cute in those giant goggles!

 We literally gutted the bathroom as you can see here. There is a puddle of concrete on the floor for the tub to get set in in this pick.

This was the last pic we took before we tiled and put up the beadboard. We were so tired at this point!

 We were so excited to be done and were very thankful to Jeff, Mike and Ned who helped us get the project done. We couldn't have done it without their guidance!

I love love love my subway tiles in the bathtub! The checkerboard accent tiles were big square sheets that we cut into strips to add a little interest, which I also love.

And last, but not least is our beautiful little shelf that we added in. I couldn't bear to stick ugly shampoo bottles on it, so I got pretty soap pumps to use instead. I went to Michael's and found little plastic scrapbooking letters, which I attached to each bottle, so I could tell them apart. I feel so fancy now when I wash my hair in the morning!

I'm hitting the sack now and thinking good thoughts that my contractor won't tear up too much of it!

Sweet dreams everyone!



  1. Oh, no! I didn't realize the damage was that extensive. And yet you are still blogging like crazy! Good for you.

  2. Out of curiosity, for the purposes of your business, would you call yourself an interior designer? A muralist? A home decorating consultant? Just curious in case I find someone to refer to you.

  3. I do not remember ever seeing these pix, they are great! How is the work coming along?