Monday, June 27, 2011

Paid in "kitch"

I got all the molding on the cabinets and they look beautiful! Some of them still need paint, so it's not ready to photograph quite yet. I finished the last one up on Wednesday, just before the kids got out of school and then we drove up to enjoy the fruits of my labor in Andrea's adorable little cabin up in Big Bear CA. Stepping inside is like going back in time, something I  LOVE to do! As you can see from this pic, the place is all original and is loaded with kitch. We affectionately named the deer head "Bert". I must say that the kids weren't big fans of having him watching them as they played air hockey and pool, but he added to the whole mountain cabin experience.

I thought this metal plate was super cute too in the kitchen. Very Scandinavian looking. I wish I had room in my kitchen for one of these.
The living room wallpaper reminds me of the lining inside sleeping bags when I was little. Can't get enough of those deer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Day 4!

Well it's day 4 in the kitchen and things are coming along quite nicely. I would like to thank Andrea for giving me a nice nod on her blog Life Happins. It's so nice to be appreciated! I have decided that I'm not built for physical labor though, even though I enjoy the process very much. I've been sleeping like the dead for sure. I only have 3 cabinets left that need molding on them, which will go up tomorrow morning after I get the kids to school. Even though I'm tired, not for a moment has any of this project felt like work to me. It's such a lovely home with lovely people in it. I put on some music and make things pretty and then go home. Pure heaven! I want to take some more pics, but right now it doesn't look much different, as the cabinets haven't been hung back up yet, which will have to wait until the pretty green knobs come in. They're replica depression glass jade knobs from a wonderful online hardware store called D. Lawless, in case anyone is in the market for some!

Ok, I'm practically drooling at the keyboard now and have to get some sleep, so I don't saw any fingers off tomorrow!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kitchen Day 2

While Angela has been busy creating an online portfolio for herself, I've been working on the kitchen and it's looking really good! The cabinets that I have done are so light and bright now. The molding really dresses them up too. The kitchen is going to be so welcoming and cheerful when it all comes together. Andrea has some vintage cherry patterned curtains that are going to replace the cabinet doors directly under the sink and they will set the theme for the kitchen. It will be very retro-50's, which is perfect since the house was built in that decade. I'm an avid believer that whenever you are doing a makeover, it should fit with the original architecture of the home, so as not to look out of place. It also saves a lot of money in remodeling costs and time, because the changes don't have to be as extensive.

Well it's time for me to order the new knobs, cut a few more pieces of molding and remove several layers of paint and primer from my hands before I call it a day.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Kitchen Remodeling Project

So excited to be starting the kitchen remodel tomorrow for my client! You can see in the pic that the kitchen needs a lot of TLC. I will be working on the cabinets first, adding molding to give them a little extra detail. The trim is really thin, so I won't be using nails, as they tend to split the trim. Instead I'll be using wood glue and a little painters tape to hold the trim in place until the glue dries. Hopefully I won't be gluing anything else, like my hair. I'm good at that sort of thing!