Saturday, February 27, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

Here I am at midnight on a Friday night, typing away, writing copy for my web page. I just uploaded the files to the server and I'm taking a break to gather my brains back up, so I can work on another page. My husband is snoring quite loudly and I'm listening to Julie and Julia while I work, hoping to keep inspired, when my eyelids have long lost their inspiration. This feels strangely like college. I wonder what other people are doing with their Friday night? I know most of them are out having a good time, unwinding from a hard weeks work. Not me though - no, not me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just plugging away at my dreams. They feel so close right now, I can almost touch them. My little beach cottage with the periwinkle blue shutters is out there waiting for me to come buy it.

OK, back to reality....................and my web site.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Waiting Around

Well the meeting went well and I've started the process of optimizing. I really like Fred (he's our optimizer) and he really seems to know hs stuff. It would seem that I did inded find that lost bag of sand I was looking for, so to speak. I have a good feeling that we're going to start being found very soon. Got a nice fat list of keywords for Fred to look over and inquired with my hosting company as to how to get our blog moved onto our site, which was suggested by Fred. Now I'm just sitling here waiting to hear back so I can get started. I really don't care for waiting. Maybe I should start drwaing, although I hate to do that, because I know I won't want to get back to the task at hand. I really wish my business only intailed drawing and designing and that I had a staff to do the rest, but it'll just have to wait. There's that word again. How come I can't just enjoy the wait as a moment to breathe and relax for a brief moment. I'm sure if I did that, the wait would shorten significantly. I know, I'll call it a break, as opposed to a wait. That sounds much better. OK, I can go take a break now, while I....wait.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Workng Through the Overwhelming

It's been a very hectic week trying to get the web site optimized and get some cash flowing in. As I work I'm feeling more unsure and uneasy about my abilities to pull this off. It all seems so overwhelming; getting traffic to my site and getting them to buy, making time for more designs, checking emails and reading books on SEO, which is a little over my head at the moment. How will I do all this? Where am I going to find the time? It's overwhelming. My dreams are SO BIG and I have no idea how I'm going to make them a reality. I try and remind myself that anybody that has ever done anything, didn't know HOW they were going to do it, just that they were going to do it. I also hear that saying in my head that I so love to believe is absolute truth "Leap and the net shall appear". Of course when I get to the edge of the cliff, I start to doubt. I need to be clever and trusting like Indiana Jones, when he steps down in a leap of faith and lands his foot on solid ground. When he sees he hasn't fallen to his death, he then grabs out a bag of sand and tosses it onto the "invisible" bridge and all of a sudden it's presence is clear as day. If I could just find my bag of where did I leave it?

I decided it was time to take a step back. Why am I doing all this? Answer: because I know I was given a skill and I know I'm suppose to use it. How am I going to do it? One step at a time, with some help. OK, where do I get the help from? No one I know has done this, so I can't ask them. Angela suggested we go on the internet and see if there were any classes being offered. We both started a search and I found a local place right away that offered classes. I called them and found someone to help. The man who talked to me does SEO for numerous companies. We talked for a bit and I could hear in his voice that he was a genuinely nice guy who really wanted to help us out. What a blessing-a guardian angel of sorts to help me sort through the information and finally understand this foreign land of selling online. I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed, trying to get everything done in a very limited amount of time, but at least now I have help. Maybe I've found that bag of sand. We'll find out tomorrow when we meet him for breakfast.

Maybe things are going to start lining up for us in ways I can't yet see.


Friday, January 29, 2010

The Mermaid and the Hummingbird

Here is a design I have been working on here and there for the past week. I will be working on the background next, and then the color. She is inspired by the Art Nouveau style that was popular at the turn of the 20th century. I love the curves and free-flowing nature of the Art Nouveau style. I included the hummingbird in my drawing because I think that they are very spiritual little beings. After my sister Betty died, I had a crisis that came up. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't know if everything was going to turn out OK. I said a little prayer and I asked my sister to let me know if everything was going to be be alright. I told her to send me a bird if the answer was yes. A few minutes later I opened the front door to leave. As soon as I opened it, I jumped back. I was startled by a hummingbird that was only an inch away from my face! At that moment, I knew I got my answer. As it turns out, everything was OK, just as she said it would be. Since then I have heard similar hummingbird stories from friends. I know they are much more than just a bird!