Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kitchen Makeover

Another busy day with a new project to give an old kitchen a facelift. It's not our usual work doing murals, which makes it kind of exciting for me. It's for a wonderful family in Chatsworth, CA. Our client Andrea is a very talented and funny writer with a wonderful sense of style. It's a 1950's kitchen that needs to last a little longer until it can be completely redone. The cabinets have good bones and with a little attention and love could be really nice. I'm cutting a simple molding to trim the cabinet doors and adding a crisp coat of plantation white paint and fresh knobs to dress it up a bit. I'm also hoping to add a bit more storage by adding a shelf above the cabinets with baskets to hold some of the less used items in the kitchen. I'm so excited to get started, as I haven't had a makeover project in a long time. I'll be taking some pics this week, so I can share the progress!


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