Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Day 4!

Well it's day 4 in the kitchen and things are coming along quite nicely. I would like to thank Andrea for giving me a nice nod on her blog Life Happins. It's so nice to be appreciated! I have decided that I'm not built for physical labor though, even though I enjoy the process very much. I've been sleeping like the dead for sure. I only have 3 cabinets left that need molding on them, which will go up tomorrow morning after I get the kids to school. Even though I'm tired, not for a moment has any of this project felt like work to me. It's such a lovely home with lovely people in it. I put on some music and make things pretty and then go home. Pure heaven! I want to take some more pics, but right now it doesn't look much different, as the cabinets haven't been hung back up yet, which will have to wait until the pretty green knobs come in. They're replica depression glass jade knobs from a wonderful online hardware store called D. Lawless, in case anyone is in the market for some!

Ok, I'm practically drooling at the keyboard now and have to get some sleep, so I don't saw any fingers off tomorrow!


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