Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kitchen Day 2

While Angela has been busy creating an online portfolio for herself, I've been working on the kitchen and it's looking really good! The cabinets that I have done are so light and bright now. The molding really dresses them up too. The kitchen is going to be so welcoming and cheerful when it all comes together. Andrea has some vintage cherry patterned curtains that are going to replace the cabinet doors directly under the sink and they will set the theme for the kitchen. It will be very retro-50's, which is perfect since the house was built in that decade. I'm an avid believer that whenever you are doing a makeover, it should fit with the original architecture of the home, so as not to look out of place. It also saves a lot of money in remodeling costs and time, because the changes don't have to be as extensive.

Well it's time for me to order the new knobs, cut a few more pieces of molding and remove several layers of paint and primer from my hands before I call it a day.


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