Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ok, I'm an artist with a what?

Took a big step today and got myself a blog. I'm not much of a technical person-I was the last to get a cell phone, email and I just barely signed up on Facebook (after several years of friends pestering me). Guess I'm a bit behind in that respect. I'm getting back into my art after talking a break to spend time with my kids and I'm starting my own business. I am in the process of putting together enough designs to start selling my murals on line and I'm just waiting until I get enough together, so the selection isn't pitiful for would-be buyers. I'll be posting the designs here, as I complete them (I have some done already). Although I haven't officially set up shop, I do have a business paypal account and anyone interested in purchasing any of the designs is welcome to contact me. I don't mass produce, so you can get them in pretty much any size you'd like! I charge by the square foot and I'm happy to give quotes to anyone who requests!

Be sure to check out my website at:

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