Friday, February 17, 2012

A Bedroom Makeover to Cheer Me Up

My new Chair!

This is the blanket I really wanted, but it's wool and it's $100.00.
Not a good idea to spend that much when you have kids and
animals on it all the time. It just wouldn't last. For those of you
that don't have to worry about such things, it's available

 This one was on sale at Cost Plus for $29.00

Recently I lost the beautiful tree that grew outside my bedroom window. It was old, lush, big and beautiful. It greeted me every morning when I woke up and opened the blinds. I loved how the little bits of sunlight sparked through it's tiny green leaves and made designs on my bedroom walls. It was fabulous and it was my friend. Unfortunately, it was planted too close to the foundation and it had to go before any damage was done. The day it was cut down I sobbed. Since that day I have not opened the blinds, because the view is so bleak without it. Honestly, I didn't even want to go into my room at all. I decided there were going to have to be big changes in my room, so it wouldn't seem so bleak without my tree.

My first purchase was this gorgeous chair from Pottery Barn that I got a great deal on. It was a discounted floor model and it ended up being 60% off. I couldn't believe my luck on that one! I also got the palm tree, so I would have something else living in that corner of the room again. I'm in the process of trying different wall colors, as you can see by the little patch of paint by the lamp. I've never been crazy about the yellow and this is the perfect time to change it. I'm also on the hunt for curtains. I haven't found the right ones yet, so I might make some instead. I want something light and airy, but covers the view (or lack thereof). I also need a better pillow. I had this one and it does the job for now, but I want something with teal and green like the one below. I'm considering designing my own fabric on Spoonflower, so I can get exactly what I want.

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  1. Beautiful. I am almost done with my bedroom update, too, just have to wait to finish the art (famous last words) sometime in May or June. I love the pillow and that Pullman blanket? I have wanted that darned thing since the very first time I received a Victoria Papers way back in the mid nineties! We used to have them in the cars at the creepy Nethercutt museum.