Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Well it was not a romantic night for the hubby and I at all, but we had a great time with the kids. We were suppose to get together with Angela's family tonight, but Sydney came down with a fever at the last minute this afternoon. I had almost finished the decorations at Angela's when I found out, so I went home and started all over again at our place. Even though it was rushed and last minute, they came out really nice. I went with my go-to decorations, which consist of a role of streamers and some curling ribbon. I always seem to have both around and they're quick to put up. I also threw a log on the fire and lit candles, which made it quite cozy!

I was also excited to find out that Cindy picked my favorite design for the studio doors! I will be going by with a sample to see if she likes the size and then I will have them printed up. They're going to look so pretty and I can hardly wait to see them on the doors!

I also got all of my supplies priced out for my mini mudroom project. I was hoping to get started on it this week, but my sweet little Annie has been sick and the vet bills pretty much devoured my budget, so it will have to wait. Of course my little teensie is worth it!

And because we don't always see our true potential, I leave you with this thought-

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  1. I always admire your awesomeness. Oh, you mean me? Meh.

  2. You are an "awesome" Mom-you make everything so special!