Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspiration Flew In Through An Old Window




Here is my latest passion-hand painting on windows! I found this old window in the garage when we moved into our house 7 years ago. All this time it is been sitting out there, waiting for me to be inspired. A few weeks back I was hit with sudden inspiration-don't know where the idea came from. It just popped in my head almost out of the blue. I wasn't even thinking about the old window (at least my conscious mind wasn't.) I love ideas like that-I call them "freebies" because you aren't struggling to get them, they come like they were free! As soon as it popped in my head I got to work. I have never done sign painting before, so it was a bit "trial and error" at first. 
I liked the way the old original finish had the chips and scrapes, so all I really did was knock off some of the old paint that was really peeling. Then I gave the glass a good scrubbing and started to work on the painting. I sat and imagined where this window could have come from. I thought it would be neat if it were from an old beach shop store front along a boardwalk. It's hung from a hook I bought at Anthropologie and some chain and screw eyes from the hardware store. 
This project was so much fun that I went out this weekend to a couple of architectural salvage yards in Pasadena and bought a few more. This window and more will be coming soon to our website!


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  1. Ok..I know I have seen this before in a photo or something at your place..but I had NO IDEA YOU did it! It is so amazing!! You guys should make more of these!! Gosh I have been so far behind in your blog this has been fun =)